XO Fish Head Beehoon

Their signature XO Fish Head Beehoon is not much of a looker but when you realise the milky broth contains no dairy products and is made fully from fish stock, bones and a lot of wok skill, the dish is in a class of its own.

Every bowl of soup is individually made. The basic stock is stir fried with the fish head till the fat and oils turn milky . When he adds the Toman (snakehead) fish and a rougher thick beehoon

“San Lao” Hor Fan (Triple Flavour Kway Teow)

Their next famous dish, the San Lao Hor Fan (Triple Flavour Kway Teow). It is totally deceiving that something so bland looking can be so flavourful. He exalts the kway teow with three invisible flavour agents, Chinese Hua Tiao wine, sesame oil, salt and garlic and texturises it with crunchy towgay (bean sprouts) and succulent slices of clean cut toman fish.

Butter Ball Prawn 特制奶油虾

Wanna know what happens when this chef plays with butter, milk powder and fresh milk?

He comes up with Butter Milk Ball Prawns. It takes him 30 minutes of careful stir frying a wok of butter and milk powder as he gingerly drips fresh milk in to create this little crunchy butter milk balls which are fried with prawns and curry leaves.

The buttery, rich, sweet-savoury and spicy balance is so agreeable with the fried crustacean.